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Understanding the platform independence of TouchToolkit

As the purpose of the toolkit is to provide a means of multi touch application development that is platform independent, it is important to fully understand the nature in which TouchToolkit achieves this.
The following diagram provides an overview of the platform independence:

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As you can see, the hardware, in combination with the drivers of an OS, provide gestures upon which TouchToolkit uses to implement cross platform multitouch gestures. A provider in Touchtoolkit is essentially this combination, and platform support is based on multiple hardware and their according operating systems.

By implementing these various providers, a user created application with Touchtoolkit is platform independent and is easily extensible by adding additional providers for numerous platforms.

In addition, TouchToolkit achieves multi-platform support through the use of the Silverlight and .Net Frameworks provided by Microsoft. These must be installed on all platforms to enable cross platform application support.

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